Aluminium Windows

Aluminium windows are becoming ever more popular in the UK. Popular with new build properties, the renovation and refurbishment market and of course the always prominent sectors of commercial and retail. Over recent years there have been vast improvements in the appearance of aluminium windows which means they are now even more viable within residential markets.

The strength-to-weight ratio of aluminium is unquestionably one of the main advantages of these types of window. With its narrow sightlines and minimal framework allowing for larger glazing and providing greater light within a room, who wouldn’t love that.

Aluminium products are very easy to maintain during their lifetime simply needing a wipe down should they ever become dirtied. Aluminium is also not susceptible to warping or flexing. Due to it’s strength as a material it can cope with large and heavy panes of glass. Aluminium products are polyester powder coated (PPC) which means they won’t discolour.

Our aluminium windows offer award winning U-Value performance for both double and triple glazing. They are constructed with a unique polyamide thermal break design to further enhance the thermal capabilities. This combined with the high-quality air seals and barriers ensures they can tackle the very worst the British weather has to offer.